Reasons for my petition:

As a carer for my partner @JayneLinney I started this petition because she has been assessed by unqualified staff at ATOS numerous time and the one time she was assessed by a doctor when he wrote his report not only did he get things wrong but he could not even get her name right.

My partner suffers with a multitude of ailments, just like many many others do.

I know that their are and have been many other petitions aimed at trying to make changes to the disgusting cuts, taxes and changes to claiming the benefits that we are entitled to due to no fault of our own but just through our own bad luck.

This Government and the Department of Work and Pensions decided that we are not worthy of having our assessments dealt with by qualified professionals and that all is required are unqualified civil servants who sit in front of a computer, ask us questions and fill in a tick box. Then they have the audacity to tell you that you are not entitled to any benefit. We then have to go through this all over again at Tribunal and in the majority of cases they decide that you are entitled to benefit.


All because the DWP and ATOS believe that we do not deserve to have our assessments dealt with by a qualified professional.

So if this has happened to you or people you know sign the petition and share it with others’

IDS & DWP – Stop using unqualified staff to assess Work Capability Assessments.

Also if you are worried about your forthcoming assessment, tribunal, hospital appointment or just want advice contact


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