What are you going to do?

As we all know the disabled, sick, poor and most vulnerable people of the UK are  experiencing total discrimination and victimisation at the hands of this inept, corrupt, murderous and inhumane Coalition run Government.

We are hearing harrowing accounts of people who have felt that there was no other way out of their personal predicaments that they found themselves in due to having their benefits cut, suspended or sanctioned, having the inhumane and corrupt ‘bedroom tax’ enforced upon them. These poor people felt they had no other choice but to take their lives through suicide. R.I.P brothers and sisters.

Those of us who are in need of urgent and required medical treatment and appointments are being forced to worry and panic about whether there will be a Nation Health Service left to go to. Just imagine if all those people who are under consultants or doctors for their much needed medical treatments and advice are forced to pay from now on. The majority of these people would be unable to pay and therefore would be deprived of the treatment they desperately require.

If this was to happen we can expect there to many many pages of people who have committed suicide or prosecution cases to multiply against people assisting with suicides.

I suppose the Coalition Government will be rubbing their hands together hoping that this happens and of course ‘blame it all on past Labour Governments’.

Should we stand for this? NO

Should we allow this Government to push us around at their whim? NO

Should we stand up for those who can not for what ever reason? YES

Should we fight for our NHS? YES

Should we fight for our Human Rights? YES